June 5, 2020
  • 2:52 pm The Latest Trends In Web Design For 2020
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web design latest trends

The world of web design is ever-changing. And this due to the technical developments that enabled previous styles to be reinvented along with colorful flat illustrations and minimalistic approaches that never go out of style.

So take time to read this post as we are going to discuss the latest trends in web design for 2020.

Dark Mode

Dark mode provides an ultra-modern look. And what makes them so appealing to web users is that they make colors and elements pop out.

Dark-themed web design is one of the recommended web designs today because they appear better in OLED screens and they emphasize styled colors for a more dynamic design. Likewise, they are ideal for combining neon colors to create a visually stunning background.

Expect dark themes to be used in cyberpunk and dystopian web designs this 2020.

Perfect Imperfections

website web design latest trends

Intentionally adding imperfect elements to your web design is probably the wittiest entry in this list of the latest trends in web design for 2020.

Imperfect and hand-drawn elements inject humanity and emotion into websites. And it’s what most users crave to see after being treated with perfectly styled themes for years.

Layers, Soft Shadows, And Floating Elements

These elements create a pseudo-3-dimensional effect and make your web design more eye-catching and interesting.

The main idea is to provide depth and to create an illusion that users are looking at live objects. Also, these floaters and soft shadows convey a lightweight feel to the user because they can easily determine which image is displayed first because of their layered arrangement.

Immersive 3D Elements

3D visuals create a kind of interaction unlike any other styles. People are always delighted to see 3D images, and that’s why web designers are using these elements to some of their works today.

The use of immersive 3D elements is based on the fact that interactive visuals encourage the user to stay longer. So this 2020, expect to see more and more 3D interactive themes and visually bring closer the gap between reality and digital display.

Combination Of Graphics And Photos

Overlapping graphics on real pictures enhance the user’s visual experience. And it also gives the designer a chance to personalize the design according to the personality of the website owner or the brand.

Cartoon graphics combined with real photos create a playful vibe while geometrically detailed illustrations produce a more sophisticated end design. And expect to see more of this design approach this year and following years.

Luminous Color Schemes

Luminous themed sites showing blues, purples, and hot pink makes a website look futuristic. And this design trend has been adapted by many web designers as it allows the visual display to “jump off the computer screen”. And through this duotone effect, any image being shown can instantly turn into the site’s branding.

Solid Frames With White Space

And the last entry on this list of the latest trends in web design this 2020 is minimalistic yet it also provides a solid structure to a website. Solid frames with white space provide a foundation for visuals to shine. Also, it allows the designer to create a sense of order and organize every element on a page.